Q: What is Air Fibre?

Watch this short video explaining what it is CLICK HERE

Q: Is Fibre Optic also called Broadband?

Yes! The fibre optic cables are underground and go direct into your property. This means we can offer a better quality uninterrupted service as well as all the extras like TV, Landlines and faster internet speeds. Fibre Optic is more modern technology than broadband but many people do call fibre optic internet broadband as well.

Q: Can I upgrade my package

Yes of course, you can also downgrade too. Pop into our offices or send a message or phone. You can also switch your holiday services on and off this way. Tel: 966 84 34 34

Q: What area do you cover?

Basically from La Siesta down to the N332, either with Fibre Optic, Super Air Fibre or Air Fibre. Find our coverage area on a map here

Q: How long before I get my services installed?

We try very hard to install within 48 hours although it does depend on workload at the time of booking your service. We will advise you when you book of the next installation slot available.

Q: Do you need access to my house?

Yes. The installers need to feed the fibre optic cables into your house. We also need to check if your box(es) are working properly.

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